Cooling our lego jets with craft!

We very excited about The LEGO Movie which comes out today! with some coloured card and a circle paper cutter from Warehouse Stationery we were in business! Will share how we made them over the holidays – a great, easy craft to do with the kids – in time for one of the most anticipated movies too …..

No-sew Easter baskets!

Using a store bought cardboard container and some fabric you can make a basket to collect your Easter eggs – with no sewing involved! This was a high impact, fun craft to do – and I am sure my little crafting friends are going to have fun with them in the park over the Easter weekend – I will!


Here is what you need

1. Round craft box with lid – we used oval ones

2. Fabric – we had some polka dot fabric a bit thicker than cotton which worked well

3. Sticky tape

4. Ribbons


This was a fabulous project to make – and I’ll do my best to explain how we went about it!

1. I took the lid, and cut around the edge so that it’s about 5mm smaller all the way round – this made for the base of the craft box, but we’ll get to that later! 

2. We used our fabric like we we’re putting a table cloth on the box (with the box being upside down) – that gave us the idea of how much fabric we needed to cut out.

3. Once we had cut out our fabric we put our box in the middle and folded over the fabric so it tucked into the inside of the container. We used sticky tape to help secure it.

4. We put a little bit of padding onto the lid and wrapped it up using an old white pillowcase. This makes for a nice soft base inside your Easter egg basket.

5. We wrapped ribbon about the base of the basket and used ribbon for the handles too.

These little beauties could be Easter handbags or baskets for any eggs you find in an Easter egg hunt!  There is no telling what other imaginative uses you might find for them. 


Making storage jars with plastic animals and our favourite colours!

This is a great project to do if you have some stuff to store! Charlie picked three plastic dinosaurs to glue to the lids of some jars that we had – he chose one dinosaur for its spikey teeth, one for its spindly tail and one for having the most terrifying roar! Then we picked […]

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Learning about Endangered species – with bananas!

Endangered species  At Freeman’s Bay primary school Charlie and Ella have been learning about endangered species and, always one to look for a craft angle I thought we could learn about the bottle nosed dolphin and yellow eyed penguin by crafting them!  With bananas – frozen and fresh! I know that if it weren’t the […]

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Here’s what happens when you paint a baby

  Dress for mess when contemplating this one – this takes active parental supervision to the next level, but it’s over in a flash and is awesome fun! I was amazed at how quickly Scarlett filled up the canvas!    

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Easter food covers – sans food!

We made some food covers for our picnics over Easter – turns out they are fun to play with too :-) A lovely afternoon crafting with Julia and Ella – autumn picnics here we come!   We made this project with some tule, some flowers and our trusty glue gun.       Julia and […]

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Making bookends from our loose ends

We love our libraries and enjoy borrowing books – but finding them can sometimes be a challenge! So – with some offcuts of wood from the garage – and the small plastic animals that we had lying at the bottom of the toy basket we put them together with some of our favourite colours and […]

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Share the Love! Craft your way to Valentines Day!

  Check out our paper heart garland to heartily celebrate Valentines Day! Ok. Ok. I admit I went a little overboard primping our picnic with heart garlands, heart sandwiches, and heart cupcakes and teabags but, a) I’m a mad keen crafter! Andb) it was fun! And c) Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration for […]

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Tissue Paper Flower Lanterns


What you’ll need:   Paper Lanterns (I got mine from the $2 shop) Tissue paper – I picked my favourite colours! Ribbon Hot glue gun Scissors Flower Stamens (I got mine from   Here’s how to go about it:   Tissue paper normally comes folded up in seams of about 10.5 cm’s wide – […]

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Moroccan Magic

xmas 2014 045

We’re still having fun with jars! A friend and I undertook a craft project to turn old jars and glasses into a Moroccan centrepiece for her family Christmas. I think the effect is simply magical! Thank-you sweet Boo for sharing your lovely photos – crafting with friends is a wonderful way to while away an […]

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